Dog Toys that Vibrate

You may wonder why a dog would want to play with dog toys that vibrate. Being a prey animal a vibrating dog toy stimulates their natural prey drive. It represents to them a stunned or frightened animal.

My own little Yorkie called Asia loves these types of toys being a ratting breed. It is great fun to watch her stalk and pouch on the toy. Many of these dog toys that vibrate also make noises and move on their own.

Doggie Tail

The Doggie Tail vibrates and jumps to stimulate your dog. It also makes intriguing sounds to further engage them. It requires 3 AAA batteries and will shut off after a period of inactivity to prolong battery life. If your dog damages the outer material you can get replacement covers. It also comes in different styles including Crab, Hedgehog, and Owl.

Zeus Bulldog

The Zeus Bulldog barks, vibrates, bounces, and rolls in an unpredictable way. It comes complete with 3 AAA batteries. The cover is machine washable for when it becomes covered in slobber and grim.

Zany Bunch Zany Ball

The Zany Ball wiggles, turns, twists, vibrates and jiggles to engage your dog. It has a soft grippey surface that is gentle on your dog’s teeth.

Turn on the ball to activate the random action. It will continue to play by being touched by your dog. It only requires one AA battery which is included.

Petbobi Plush Giggle Ball

The plush giggle ball makes dog growling sounds and has a shaking motion by for 20 seconds when you turn it on. The toy will activate again by shaking or touching by your dog.

The plush cover can be removed and is machine washable. The toy runs off 3 x AAA batteries which come with the item.

Summary – Dog toys that vibrate

If your dog loves to stalk and pouch, one of these dog toys that vibrate will give them hours of fun and mental stimulation.

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