How many miles can a dog run (by breed)

Running is great exercise for a dog. The faster and further your dog is running the more energy they burn. However, not all dogs are suitable to run long distances. We will look at the different breeds and their suitability for running. Running with your dog is also a great way to exercise yourself. This … Read more

What is the best exercise for a dog

dog exercise toys

What the best exercise for a dog is will depend on several factors. When finding the perfect exercise for you and your particular dog certain things need to be taken into consideration. Breed – what may be a great exercise for one breed may not be suitable or even harmful to a different breed. For example, … Read more

Top 10 Self Playing Dog Toys

Best German Shepherd Toys

Self playing dog toys are excellent for those times when your dog is home alone or when you are otherwise occupied or don’t have the time to play with your dog. Read “Leaving a dog home alone” for more tips for when your dog is by themselves. Some of these suggested self entertaining dog toys … Read more

50 Boredom Busters and Games for Dogs

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Here is our list of 50 games to play with your dog. Games for dogs are fun for both you and your dog. They also have many benefits including: – cure boredom which can be the leading cause of unwanted behavior problems – provide mental stimulation and enrichment for your dog – help to burn … Read more

Ten Best Puzzle Toys for Dogs

dog puzzle toys

If you have a smart dog with an active mind, interactive puzzle toys are one of the best ways to prevent them from growing bored. The importance of mental enrichment for a dog’s overall health and exercise requirements cannot be overstated. Mental stimulation can use as much energy as physical exercise. When my little Yorkie, … Read more

Will dogs eat themselves to death

Will a dog that has unlimited access to food continue to eat? The vast majority of dogs will stop eating once they have had enough. However, there are generally two types of dogs when it comes to eating. Firstly, those that eat to live. They will generally graze and eat only what they need. Many … Read more

Do Dogs Need Carbs?

Do dogs need carbohydrates The short answer is no carbohydrates are nutritionally required by a dog to sustain life. However, there is a lot more to the subject than that. For starters, through hundreds of years of domestication dogs have adapted to carbohydrates in their diet. The dog digestive system is such that it can … Read more

Do dogs need vitamin C

Do dogs require Vitamin C? The short answer is no. Dogs can produce vitamin C in their livers themselves. As a result of this ability, nutritionists have long considered it unnecessary to add C to a dog’s diet. Some commercial dog foods do have vitamin C added to them. This may be because it is … Read more

How to make a Doberman gain weight

Is my Doberman too skinny Dobermans are a lean and athletic build. However, if your Doberman looks too skinny or has suddenly lost weight there may be a medical problem. if you have concerns, especially if your dog is showing other signs and symptoms of ill health, consult your vet. To determine if your Doberman … Read more