Essential Dog Walking Gadgets and Gear

The daily walk is a big deal for your dog. It gives them the opportunity to get some exercise, mental stimulation and enrichment, and social interaction. It is also a great way to further build your relationship and bond with your dog.

Here is some essential dog walking gear that can help make your walks fun, safe and enjoyable.

Dog Walking Safety Gear

Keeping yourself and your dog safe on your walks is a no brainer. There are many potential hazards you may encounter.

LED Light Collars and Leashes

When walking your dog at night or even in the dim light early in the morning or just before sunset they can be hard to see. I recommend using a LED light collar and LED light leash for your dog as these can be seen easily. These are USB rechargeable and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

A reflective collar or leash is not as visible as they need light reflected on them to really light them up.

It is important for your own safety that you are seen also. The best option is to use a wearable safety light like the kind you see runners use. See Wearable safety lights for you at Amazon.

Now your dog and you will be seen and will look pretty funky too.

GPS Trackers for dogs

Some dogs like to go off on little adventures of their own. You may have experienced that feeling of panic when you have no idea where your dog as gone. This is where a GPS tracker comes in handy.

GPS Trackers are cutting edge technology that allows you to pinpoint your dogs’ location in real time.  You can see a history of locations reported by the device to see every place your pet went while you were away.

Some of these GPS Trackers even give an alert when your dog leaves a pre-determined area (know as a geo-fence).  In order to transmit the GPS location from almost anywhere and anytime use of cellular data and towers are required.

Check out the options for GPS Trackers on Amazon.

Dog First Aid Kit

Dogs can get injuries while out on walks. This can be anything thing from a cut paw to something much more serious. Be prepared with this inexpensive handy first aid kit for dogs.

Complete Emergency Bag for Dogs

This handy emergency kit has everything you could need. It contains everything you will need in an emergency and also great for hiking with your dog.

  • 8oz Package of Emergency Dog Food (2),
  • 4oz Water Pouches (6),
  • Water Purification Tablets (10) – each tablet purifies 1 liter of water,
  • 107-Piece First Aid Kit
  • Water / Food Feeding Bowl,
  • Extra Collar + Reflective Leash,
  • Set Metal Stake with 14 ft Tie Down, Leash,
  • Can Opener,
  • Dog Toys,
  • 50 ft of Nylon Rope,
  • Pet Waste Bags (50)
  • 12-hour Emergency Bright Sticks
  • 16- hour Body Warmer,
  • Emergency Survival Blanket

Other Dog Walking Essentials

Dog water bottles

Keeping your dog hydrated on your walks is crucial. You need something that makes carrying water easy and it needs to be easy for your dog to be able to drink from it. A dog water bottle designed for this purpose is perfect.

Check out dog water bottles on Amazon.

Dog Activity Monitors

Fitness activity monitors have become extremely popular for humans to help monitor their health and reach their fitness goals. They have now become very popular with dog owners for their dogs. See 9 Reasons to use a dog activity monitor to learn more.

Dog Leash Umbrella

A little bit of rain doesn’t have to stop you taking your dog for a walk. This dog leash umbrella that is also a dog leash is the solution. You may get some odd looks but at least your dog will be dry.

Dog umbrella available on Amazon here.






Hands-Free Dog Leash

Keep your hands free while walking your dog. Ideal for running with your dog also.  See Tips for running with your dog for handy advise if you are wanting to start running with your dog.

This leash has three strong and flexible bungee cords which will develop your dog lead manners. Also has two Neoprene padded handles which will help you control the dog in unexpected situations and your hands will never be sore again. View this leash on Amazon.


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