Schipperke Dog Exercise Needs and Ideas

The Schipperke originated in Belgium as a small breed version of the Leauvenaar. This now extinct breed is also the forefather of the Belgium Shepherd. They were originally used to guard the boats and catch rats on the canals between Brussels and Antwerp. Today they are an increasingly popular companion dog. Coming from working herding … Read more

Old English Sheepdog (OESD) Exercise Needs and Ideas

The Old English Sheepdog is exactly that – a sheep herding and guarding breed from England dating back over 200 years. They are a lovable, loyal, and energetic. The Old English Sheepdog is the largest of the herding breeds. Like all herding dogs they are highly intelligent, have strong herding instincts, and are capable of … Read more

Dogue de Bordeaux Exercise Needs and Ideas

The Dogue de Bordeaux, are known by a few other names such as the French Mastiff, the Bordeaux Mastiff, and Bordeauxdog. This powerful dog as many capabilities and has been used for pulling carts and heavy objects, as well as guarding the flock. The Dogue de Bordeaux is a large, muscular, and athletic dog. They … Read more

Giant Schnauzer Exercise Needs and Ideas Guide

The Giant Schnauzer is the biggest of the three Schnauzer breeds – the other being the Miniature Schnauzer and the Standard Schnauzer. They are a powerful and intelligent dog originally breed as farm dogs to drive livestock and protect the property. The origins of the breed are uncertain, but it is believed they have been … Read more