Shepherd Breed Exercise Guide

german shepherd

How much exercise does a German Shepherd need The most common of the shepherd breeds is the German Shepherd. There are many other dogs that fall into this category including the Belgian Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Dutch, and Belgian Tervuren Shepherd. They are all similar in that they are a working breed and as a result … Read more

Giant Breed Dog Exercise Requirements

Giant breed dogs are known to be docile, have huge loving hearts, and even bigger personalities. There is no official definition or guideline of what breeds are considered giant breed. A general guideline is any breed that is 100 lbs or more at full size. Some common examples of giant breed dogs are Great Dane, … Read more

French Bulldog exercise needs guide

How much exercise does a French Bulldog need The French Bulldog, also commonly known as “the Frenchie”, is a small breed of Bulldog originally developed in the 1800s. It was a companion dog and persists in the same role today. Unfortunately, the French Bulldog is plagued by many potential health concerns. Despite common health concerns, … Read more

How to exercise a Yorkshire Terrier

How much exercise does a Yorkie need The Yorkshire Terrier often referred to as the Yorkie is one of the most popular toy breeds in the world. Small in size, but big in personality, the Yorkie is feisty, loving and friendly, and intelligent and curious. Although the Yorkie is a toy breed they were bred … Read more

How to exercise your puppy

How much exercise does a puppy need The quantity of exercise a puppy requires depends upon their age and breed. A very young puppy will not have the endurance for too much exercise. As they get older you can increase the amount of physical activity and exercise little by little. The amount of exercise a … Read more