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If your dog loves soft plush toys but tends to tear and pull them apart in no time, Velcro toys for dogs could be the solution. Tearing a toy apart is a natural prey instinct for a dog. However, this can come with problems.

Firstly, it can become quite expensive constantly replacing toys that may only last your dog for minutes or a best a few hours. Secondly, there is the mess and the cleaning up of the fabric and stuffing.

There is also a potential health risk for your dog. Your dog may chew and swallow the material which poses a risk of intestinal obstruction.

What are Velcro Toys for dogs

Velcro dog toys are soft plush toys that have the limbs and parts attached using industrial strength Velcro. These detachable limbs simulate your dog pulling apart their prey.

You can then simply reattached the parts in seconds and your dog can start again. This kind of makes them a self-healing dog toy.

There is a range of toys that fit into this category and they are generally durable. We will look at the options available and their pros and cons.

However, if your dog is a quite destructive chewer they may not be ideal. We would recommend selecting plush dog toys that are designed for this type of dog. See toys for dogs that like to shred for recommendations.

Rippy’s Pull-Apart Dog Toy Range

The Rippy’s Pull-Apart dog toy range comes in five types that are of animals. They are elephant, worm, pig, cow, and lion. These toys break into six to seven different parts. The arms, legs and heads come off.

These toys also have a sound generator inside. This enables them to make animal sounds when your dog applies pressure to the right spot. We recommend you supervise your dog when playing with these toys just in case they get to the sound generator.

The Rippy’s toy range is durable and has triple stitching. They are best suited for small to medium size dogs and make a great ripping sound when the parts are pulled off. They are not suitable for aggressive chewers. For more suitable options see dog toys for shredders.

The Velcro is industrial quality and is quite strong. Small dogs may have a little difficulty pulling the velcro apart, but it will get easier with use.

Rippys Pull Apart Lion Dog Toy

View Rippy’s Pull Apart Lion Dog Toy on Amazon.

Rippys Pull Apart Pig Dog Toy

View Rippy’s Pull Apart Pig Dog toy on Amazon.

Rippys Interactive Pull Apart Cow Dog Toy

View Rippys Pull Apart Cow Dog Toy on Amazon.

Rippys Pull Apart Elephant Dog Toy

View Rippys Pull Apart Elephant Dog Toy on Amazon.

Rippys Interactive Pull Apart Worm Dog Toy

View Rippy’s Pull Apart Worm Dog Toy on Amazon.

P.L.A.Y – American Classic Plush Burger Dog Toy

It looks like a tasty burger and pulls apart into three sections – two buns and a filling section. This toy is double stitched and has inverse cross-stitched joints, which makes the toy relatively durable. However, it is not suitable for an aggressive chewer.

The burger also has a built-in squeaker which, along with the fact that it pulls apart, engages your dog’s natural prey drive. It is made from safe non-toxic materials.

Dimensions are 4.3 inches in length and width, while the height is 3.93 inches. This made it great for small to medium size dogs. It is suitable to be put in the washer and dryer.

View PLAY Burger Pull Apart Dog toy on Amazon.

Clean Run Lotus Ball

The Lotus Ball is different to the other Velcro dog toys above in that it is not designed to pull apart. Instead it is more of an interactive puzzle toy. The three parts of the toy are Velcro lined. Your dog’s task is to open the flaps to get to the treats inside.

It comes in two sizes – small and medium. The small size is 3.5 inches in diameter while the medium is 4 inches in diameter. The toy can be easily hand washed if it becomes a little grubby from use.

This toy is great for providing a mental challenge for your dog. It is also an excellent training tool for teaching a dog or puppy how to fetch. They will be motivated to chase the ball to get the food reward inside.

View the Clean Run Lotus Ball here on Amazon.

The one fault that some people have found is the Velcro is sometimes a bit hard for a small dog to get open. This will become easier with use, or watch the video for a simple and quick fix.

Midlee Pull Apart Referee Dog Toy

This one is for all the sports fans. Who hasn’t want to rip apart the referee or umpire. Now your dog can. Then you can put it back together for the next bad call.

This referee dog toy features 6 difference pieces that your dog can enjoy pulling apart. It also includes a squeaker.

View the Midlee Pull Apart Referee on amazon


The Destroy-A-Sarus comes in the shape of a dinosaur and the dimension is 12 inches in length, 8 inches in height, and 4 inches in width. The legs are attached with velcro and can be pulled off.

The main difference with this toy is that the tail is a balled rope which does have some teeth cleaning qualities. It is made from durable and toxic-free fabric, however, an aggressive chewer will still be able to destroy it.

The Tearribles Velcro toy range

The Tearribles range comes in three different sizes and designs. They are

  • The tiny one comes is yellow and has detachable legs, eyes, and tail. It stands about five inches tall. 
  • The medium comes in green and measures around nine inches tall. It has detachable legs, arms, ears, and tail.
  • The XL measures 14 inches tall and has detachable legs, arms, ears, and tail.

These toys are lined with a cotton mesh to provide more sturdiness. However, they would still be unsuitable for an aggressive chewer.

Each Tearrible toy has a squeaker inside and is easy to wash.

Conclusion – Velcro toys for dogs

The Velcro pull apart dog toys are great for dogs that love plush toys and tend to pull them apart. This tearing apart action simulates a dog’s natural prey instinct.

If your dog is a quite destructive chewer they may not be ideal. We would recommend selecting plush dog toys that are designed for this type of dog. See toys for dogs that like to shred for recommendations.

The Lotus Ball is great for food motivated dogs and provides a mental challenge and a fun ball to play fetch.

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