Leaving a dog alone while at work

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There are times when leaving a dog home alone while at work is necessary. With our modern busy lives with work, family and other commitments this cannot be avoided. A bored or lonely dog will find ways to keep themselves busy. Sometimes this can be in destructive or unwanted ways. This can include destructive behavior … Read more

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Dog exercise for lazy owners

If you are a lazy dog owner, or have a dog with much higher energy levels than you, or are physically unable to exercise your dog for some reason, or are simply too busy and can’t find the time it is still critical that your dog gets the much needed physical and mental exercise they … Read more

Dog exercise in hot weather

Does your dog still need exercise when the weather is hot? Just because it is hot weather out doesn’t mean your dog should stop getting their daily exercise. It should be more moderate than usual and precaution needs to be taken. Dogs still need exercise to keep them healthy, keep their muscles strong to prevent … Read more

9 Dog walking and exercise mistakes to avoid

Advantages of regular exercise for your dog The advantages of providing your dog with regular walks and exercise include helping to prevent injury by keeping the muscles supporting the bones and tendons strong.It also increases the cardiovascular system and reduces fat preventing obesity and helps maintain a healthy weight. For overall health, it improves gastrointestinal … Read more

No time to exercise your dog?

With our busy modern lifestyles, it feels that there just isn’t the time to give our dogs the exercise they need. The consequences of not giving a dog the exercise they need, both physical and mental, can result in a dog that is unhealthy, bored, frustrated and just plain unhappy. Tossing your dog out alone … Read more