How to entertain a bored dog inside

food enrichment

Sometimes when the weather is just to bad to get outside with your dog you need to find activities and ways to exercise your dog indoors. A bored dog or one with too much pent-up energy will find their own way to get a release of that energy or entertain themselves. Often this results in … Read more

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English Questions and Answers For Daily Conversation - Part 01

How to tire out a hyper high energy dog

If you have a hyper high energy dog you will know it because you have walked then twice today and they are still keen for more. Or you have played fetch for an hour and your dog is still pestering you with the ball or stick. Or you took them for a long bike ride … Read more

Dog exercise for lazy owners

If you are a lazy dog owner, or have a dog with much higher energy levels than you, or are physically unable to exercise your dog for some reason, or are simply too busy and can’t find the time it is still critical that your dog gets the much needed physical and mental exercise they … Read more

12 Scenting and tracking nose games for dogs

scenting nose games

For more dog activities check out 50 Boredom Busters and Games for dogs and         Dog Walking Games in the Park for more ideas. Why play scenting and tracking nose games? Scenting and tracking nose games are an excellent way to provide that very important mental enrichment and mind stimulation that dogs truly … Read more

The 6 Types of Enrichment for dogs

Dog Enrichment Definition Canine enrichment is defined as additions to a dog environment and lifestyle that which the dog voluntarily interacts and, as a result, experiences improved physical and psychological health. Although this sounds complex it is simply adding actions or items to a dog’s environment for their benefit. Why is enrichment for dogs important … Read more

No time to exercise your dog?

With our busy modern lifestyles, it feels that there just isn’t the time to give our dogs the exercise they need. The consequences of not giving a dog the exercise they need, both physical and mental, can result in a dog that is unhealthy, bored, frustrated and just plain unhappy. Tossing your dog out alone … Read more