Digging Toys for Dogs

Digging is a natural instinctive behavior for dogs. There are many reasons dogs dig which go back to their forefathers in nature. In nature, a wild dog or relative of the dog will dig dens to keep their young safe and warm. Sleeping in a den protects the young pups from extreme temperatures, both hot … Read more

What are the best dog chew toys

Chewing has many benefits for your dog. Obviously, you don’t want them to chew and destroy things they shouldn’t such as your shoes or furniture. This is why it is important to provide your dog with a selection on appropriate chew toys. Why do dogs chew toys Dogs chew for a number of reasons including; … Read more

Automatic Ball Launchers for Dogs

If you have a dog that loves to chase and retrieve the ball, then an automatic ball launcher is essential. I am sure you know that look that says “please throw it just another 1000 times’. Ball Launchers are a battery or power operated machine that shoots balls across the yard or the house (generally … Read more

How to use a Kong for dogs

Learn how the Kong for dogs can help in your dog’s training and resolving behavior issues. All common behavior problems can be traced back to natural instinct. Barking, digging, marking and chewing all served a specific purpose in the wild. Having their natural instincts suppressed can be very frustrating for a dog. Rather than battling … Read more

Treat dispensing dog cameras

Leaving a dog alone while you are at work doesn’t need to be stressful for you or your dog.A treat dispensing dog camera can never replace human company. However, they are the next best thing. We all have commitments that mean our dogs will have to be left home alone for periods of time. Here … Read more

Ten Best Puzzle Toys for Dogs

dog puzzle toys

If you have a smart dog with an active mind, interactive puzzle toys are one of the best ways to prevent them from growing bored. The importance of mental enrichment for a dog’s overall health and exercise requirements cannot be overstated. Mental stimulation can use as much energy as physical exercise. When my little Yorkie, … Read more