Will dogs eat themselves to death

Will a dog that has unlimited access to food continue to eat? The vast majority of dogs will stop eating once they have had enough. However, there are generally two types of dogs when it comes to eating. Firstly, those that eat to live. They will generally graze and eat only what they need. Many … Read more

Do Dogs Need Carbs?

Do dogs need carbohydrates The short answer is no carbohydrates are nutritionally required by a dog to sustain life. However, there is a lot more to the subject than that. For starters, through hundreds of years of domestication dogs have adapted to carbohydrates in their diet. The dog digestive system is such that it can … Read more

Do dogs need vitamin C

Do dogs require Vitamin C? The short answer is no. Dogs can produce vitamin C in their livers themselves. As a result of this ability, nutritionists have long considered it unnecessary to add C to a dog’s diet. Some commercial dog foods do have vitamin C added to them. This may be because it is … Read more

How to make a Doberman gain weight

Is my Doberman too skinny Dobermans are a lean and athletic build. However, if your Doberman looks too skinny or has suddenly lost weight there may be a medical problem. if you have concerns, especially if your dog is showing other signs and symptoms of ill health, consult your vet. To determine if your Doberman … Read more

Are Rottweilers good hiking dogs

The Rottweiler, often referred to as a Rotti,  is a large, powerful and energetic dog. The Rottweiler is a working breed that was originally bred to herd sheep and pull carts laden with meat to the market.  For the Rottweiler that is a pet, exercise is important to maintain their powerful bodies and keep them … Read more