Dog Toys that encourage exercise

German Shepherd puppyThe best dog toys to encourage your dog to be more active and exercise is often the ones that require them to chase or fetch. Many dogs would be content to just laze around all day so you may need to give them a little encouragement.

Exercise is crucial for all dogs for numerous reasons. It keeps them healthy, manages weight, and helps to prevent boredom. Boredom is one of the main causes of behavior problems in dogs such as destructive behavior, nuisance barking, digging, and even escaping. For a guideline to how much your particular dog needs see here.

Ideally, the daily walk should be the core of all dog’s exercise routine, but it is important to add other activities and play to release pent-up energy and stimulate their minds. Learn about the side effects of not walking your dog here. Providing a good selection of dog toys is often one of the best ways to provide this additional activity.

dog puzzle toysMental stimulation and enrichment are just as important as physical activity. In fact, mental exercise can tire a dog just as much as physical exercise. The best dog toys for providing your dog with mental challenges are interactive puzzle-type toys. For the top puzzle toys for dogs see here.

Here are the top dog toys that encourage them to exercise;


The GoBone is the ultimate motorized dog chase toy. Just touch the GoBone and it will keep your dog entertained for up to 8 hours. Alternatively, you can use the app to control the GoBone yourself. This makes for a fun game for both your dog and you. The  GoBone is tough and made from durable materials. However, if your dog does chew it you can get a replaceable exterior cover.

To make it even better for your dog you can place treats inside the wheels. Even more reason your dog will love one.

PetGeek Play Bone

If you are looking for a motorized chase bone for your dog, but the GoBone is out of your budget this is a great alternative. The PetGeek Play Bone is similar to the other GoBone except it doesn’t have a smart app so you can control the toy or activate it when your not home. However, price-wise it is significantly cheaper.

You simply pat the bone and it bursts into action. It can be easily dismantled and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Wicked Ball

If your dog is ball mad then the Wicked Ball is the ultimate moving dog toy for them. The magic ball runs and bounces all by itself and the LED light adds another level of engagement for your dog. No App or remote controller required.

It has several settings such as the Intelligent Companion mode. In this mode, the Wicked ball has 10 minutes of play and 30 minutes of rest. If your dog pushes or hits the ball it starts the play cycle again. It also has three reaction modes (gentle, normal, active) so you can set it to suit your dog’s mood.  Due to its obstacle avoidance system (collision sensor), it doesn’t get stuck in tight spots.

The Wicked ball is durable and dog safe and is also waterproof so can be played with when swimming. It also has a treat hole for dogs that are food motivated.

View the Wicked Ball on Amazon.

Flirt Pole

Flirt pole is like a giant cat tickler for dogs. It has a long handle with a bungy type rope with a lure or toy attached to the end. You simply move the lure along the ground around in circles or in different directions as your dog chases it. This activity is ideal for a Husky as it works the whole body and strengthens their muscles. Be sure they have a good “leave it” command and don’t allow them to destroy the toy. It is important that this be a controlled exercise. For a full guide to flirt pole exercise for dogs see here.

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Jolly Ball

Jolly Ball is a nearly indestructible ball for dogs that they push and chase around. They come in a variety of sizes, styles and are also available with a handle or rope attached for tug of war. Check out the video to see what great exercise and fun they are for dogs.

View Jolly Balls on Amazon

Spring Pole

spring pole is simply a spring connected to a rope that hangs from a tree branch or beam with a lure or toy attached to the end. This allows your dog to play tug of war with him or herself even if you are not there. Popular with a lot of dogs that love a good game of tug of war.

These are great for building and strengthening your dog’s muscles. Muscle-strengthening exercise isn’t just for building bulk on a dog. All dogs can benefit from strong muscles as it helps to protect their joints and tendons preventing injury

View Spring Poles on Amazon

Dog toys that move on their own

There are many dog toys available that shake, rattle, roll and move about on their own. These are ideal for most dogs as they cater directly to their chase and natural prey instincts being ratting dogs. See “Dog toys that move on their own” to learn more.

Automatic Ball Launchers

Fetch is the favorite game of the majority of dogs. I am sure you have had the experience of your dog wanting you to throw the ball just a few more times. With an Automatic Ball Launcher, they can play fetch by all by themselves. This will require training them to put the ball in the funnel initially, but once they know what to do they are away and fetching. Read “Automatic Ball Launchers for Dogs” to learn more

Manual Ball Launchers

Handheld ball launchers are an excellent way to exercise your dog. Obviously, the further you can throw the ball the more your dog has to run.

They also make life easier for you as the long handle lets you pick up a ball without having to bend over to the ground. It also prevents you from having to touch a slobbery ball.

The best quality and well-known brand are the Chuckit.  These are also extremely inexpensive and well worth having. Check out the Chuckit ball thrower on Amazon.

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