Self Playing Dog Toys

Self playing dog toys are excellent for those times when your dog is home alone or when you are otherwise occupied or don't have the time to play with your dog. Read "Leaving a dog home alone" for more tips for when your dog is by themselves. Some of these suggested self entertaining dog toys … Continue reading Self Playing Dog Toys

Pitbull Muscle Building and Exercise Equipment

The Pitbull is a high energy and strong dog. to keep them in optimal and healthy condition requires more than just a walk around the block. They can run all day and keep coming back for more. The Pitbull is spirited and fearless. Being a terrier they can be independent with a mind of their own. … Continue reading Pitbull Muscle Building and Exercise Equipment

Dog Toys that Vibrate

You may wonder why a dog would want to play with dog toys that vibrate. Being a prey animal a vibrating dog toy stimulates their natural prey drive. It represents to them a stunned or frightened animal. My own little Yorkie called Asia loves these types of toys being a ratting breed. It is great … Continue reading Dog Toys that Vibrate

Toys for dogs that like to shred

You may have a dog that likes to shred their toys and other items they shouldn't be shredding. If they are a puppy it is not uncommon behavior especially when they are teething. But it is a habit you don't want your dog to have as they get older. Shredding their toys is bad enough … Continue reading Toys for dogs that like to shred

Dog toys for diggers

Digging is a natural instinctive behavior for dogs. There are many reasons dogs dig which go back to their forefathers in nature. In nature, a wild dog or relative of the dog will dig dens to keep their young safe and warm. Sleeping in a den protects the young pups from extreme temperatures, both hot … Continue reading Dog toys for diggers

What are the best dog chew toys

Chewing has many benefits for your dog. Obviously, you don't want them to chew and destroy things they shouldn't such as your shoes or furniture. This is why it is important to provide your dog with a selection on appropriate chew toys. Why do dogs chew toys Dogs chew for a number of reasons including; … Continue reading What are the best dog chew toys

Automatic Ball Launchers for Dogs

If you have a dog that loves to chase and retrieve the ball, then an automatic ball launcher is essential. I am sure you know that look that says "please throw it just another 1000 times'. Ball Launchers are a battery or power operated machine that shoots balls across the yard or the house (generally … Continue reading Automatic Ball Launchers for Dogs